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The 3D representation or rendering is the technique with which computer graphics are used to obtain all kinds of images, whether architectural design, product design or industrial design. This way a project can be shown in a more attractive and realistic visual form.

But why should we implement 3d rendering in our architectural projects?

Here are some of the main reasons why 3D is so important in architecture and why it has become an indispensable tool in the design and architecture industry.

Improves production time

The time factor is one of the great advantages of this technology. Thanks to the evolution of the tools used for the development of 3D architecture, the delivery times of these projects are increasingly shorter and with better results.

It allows to test the space

3D models allow to test in a more dynamic and intuitive way the spaces in terms of distribution, colors, materials, lighting or location of furniture, in a virtual environment to scale, which is of great help in the design process.

Improves communication between the client and the architect.

It facilitates the understanding of the project by the client since they usually do not know how to interpret the plans in the same way as the professional. In this way the renderings allow a preview of the idea before its execution on site.

Interaction with the final 3D model

Virtual reality has entered very strongly in this market, we are able to develop virtual tours in spaces that do not yet exist or that are miles away, thanks to the immersion achieved with the VR experiences of 360° spaces, we will believe we are in a specific place without ever having actually stepped on it.

Evolution of 3D Techniques

The constant evolution of 3D modeling and rendering tools allows us to obtain images that are increasingly realistic and of higher quality, even to the point of being confused with real photographs, in addition to a greater focus on the optimization of rendering time resources and the search to create user-friendly interfaces.

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